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work is not a job.

i came across this manifesto by workisnotajob. yesterday and  i thought it was fitting that i share it with you today.

i’ve been feeling super guilty lately because i haven’t been blogging much and it’s because i’ve been working A LOT!  i’ve had several projects going on at once, keeping up with my Etsy shops, dealing with super fast turnaround times, many late nights and sometimes feeling a bit overwhelmed with it all, but somehow as i sit here, writing this blog, i feel happy.  yes, even as i sit here in front of my computer on a friday night.  maybe it’s the extra day of yoga i had this week.  or maybe it’s simply like this manifesto says and that i just love what i do.  so yes, i agree, work is not a job, but simply the transfer of energy.

i hope you’ll forgive me for not blogging lately.  i’ve at least been taking pictures of all my projects, so hopefully i will get a chance to post and share them with you soon.

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