about irena

A close-up headshot photo of Irena McClamb, owner of in a card, with a quote that reads, "Fortune and love favor the brave."

irena  pronounced {e-ray-nuh}

a simple girl that has a great love {and collection} of pajamas and greeting cards. irena believes that if the world wore pajamas everyday it would be a better place and if you want to let someone you know how much you care, a simple letter or card in the mail would show a great deal of love.

irena’s love for greeting cards began when she was a little kid, collecting every single letter or card that was given to her. she now has 2 big boxes full of letters and cards from when she was 7 years old.

irena’s attention to detail and passion for design ensures that each project, whether she’s designing wedding invitations or laying out a product catalog, meets each client’s high standards and expectations in a very timely manner.

when she’s not in the studio, irena enjoys culinary excursions with her family and friends, practicing yoga, listening to music, reading books with her two boys, jackson and davis, and taking long walks with her family, including their lovable english bulldog, bumble bee.

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