simply squared

one of the rings that you’ll almost always see me wearing is this unique square ring that April Kawaoka from Etsy makes. what makes this ring so unique is the all around square shape.

it is also one of the most comfortable rings i own. many people have stopped to ask about it so i thought i’d write about it and let you know where you can purchase one for yourself.

“Simply Squared” by April Kawaoka on Etsy

some things are just meant to be…

people always ask, when did you realize you wanted to do graphic design?

normally, i answer, my first year at cal poly san luis obispo when i realized i did not want to be an architect. but when i think back on this some more, i realize that i was destined to be a graphic designer as early as the age of 7. each year in grade school, we had scholastic book fairs. now, out of all the books i could have picked, the very first book i totally had to have, desperately wanted and begged my mom for was a lettering book.

the lettering book, by noelene morris

lettering book

lettering book2

now you tell me, what in the world was a 7 year old going to do with a lettering book???

my new succulent plant

my friends jess & glenn took me to a succulent nursery located right here in pasadena, california cactus center, and introduced me to a whole new world of plants. they bought me this cute little plant as a little souvenir. it’s sitting in my office window sill enjoying the sun, as it shines through during the day.

i also realized that same day, what a great word “succulent” is. i have to say, it is now one of my favorite words. c’mon, you know you want to say it out lout with me!

succulent plant