dots around the world

over the weekend i helped mind’s eye design studio install a rather large (approx. 9′ tall x 33′ wide) vinyl wall decal project in a new office space for The A21 Campaign.

here are some pics we managed to take of our day in progress…


tee starting us off by making sure everything is where it needs to be.



me & april making sure everything is lining up properly.


almost there…


ta-dah… the completed piece!


the red dots mark current office locations.  as more offices are opened, more red dots will be replacing the white ones.  love this idea!




make sure to visit mind’s eye design studio’s etsy shop, Put’em In The Wall, for more vinyl wall decor designs.  for custom orders, feel free to contact mind’s eye design studio directly.

you can read more about this project and view additional pics, here.

10 inspirational design rules

jan filek created a series of 10 inspirational design posters with quotes from the inspiring minds of Harold Speed, David Lynch, Audie McCall, Picasso, Ken Rockwell, Peter Fischli, David Weiss and Erik Spiekermann.

i think they are great rules for designers to remember and a few rules that can be applied to everyday life as well.  🙂

1.  DO ONE THING AT A TIME – Don’t dissipate your powers; strive to concentrate them.

2.  KNOW THE PROBLEM – Always have a clear idea of what it is you want to do.

3.  STAY TRUE TO THE ORIGINAL IDEA – Then you have at least a chance of being able to live with yourself.

4.  LEARN TO LISTEN – The opposite of talking is not waiting to talk. Pay attention and you won’t miss important input.

5.  ACCEPT CHANGE AS INEVITABLE – You’ve got to accept change as inevitable and trust the process. Be willing to let go and think new thoughts.

6.  BE HONEST AND LIE – Only by bending reality as we perceive it, we can hope to move another person see something in a truly new way.

7.  BREAK RULES – But only if it looks better.  However, one must know the rules in order to break them.

8.  FORM BEATS COLOUR – Art owes more to form (for it’s range of expression) than to colour.

9.  DISTINGUISH SENSE FROM NONSENSE – Anything that isn’t directly helping the composition takes away from it.

10.  COLLABORATE AND TAKE PART IN DISCOURSE – Learn to think differently by working with others, share experiences and reflect together about your work.

*all images courtesy of jan filek

make sure to visit jan’s website to see all 10 poster designs.

fun with wall decals

having the tools to create custom designs to decorate your home and/or studio is always a fun perk.  lucky for me, i have tee, of mind’s eye design studio.  a.k.a., creator of vinyl wall decals on Etsy shop, put ’em in the wall.

over the weekend, we worked on creating a wall decal of a quote i found years ago in a real simple magazine that i thought would be awesome showcased in the kitchen.

a quote by sophia loren:

“The most indispensable ingredient of all good home cooking: Love, for those you are cooking for.”

i also wanted to create a new sign for the studio door that i got inspiration from when i saw this image a few months back.

a few pics from our work in progress…

prepping the vinyl decals includes weeding out each individual letter. some may find this process to be a bit tedious, but i find it to be therapeutic.

tee getting the decals ready for application.

here is how each piece turned out…

the kitchen…

and the studio door…

thought it would be fun to include the studio hours as well.  🙂

studio hours
open most days 9 or 10am
rarely at 7am or 8am
occasionally 11am or 12pm
we close about 5pm or 6pm
occasionally 3pm or 4pm for happy hour
but sometimes as late as 11pm or 12am
some days we may not be here at all
or we may be here all day

make sure you check out tee’s Etsy shop if you want to see other wall designs he has available to decorate your space.