day 30 – #dailysoul


“yes, yes i am.”

thought i’d end my #dailysoul challenge with this picture.  it’s what i see on a daily basis as i pull out my yoga mat.  it’s a reminder of how strong i am, mentally and physically.  88 yoga classes in a little over 3 month time span.  i’m very happy with this accomplishment and extremely proud of myself.

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day 28 – #dailysoul


“i love that my family will still mail me stuff that i design and print for them. makes me feel loved!”

there’s just something special about receiving snail mail.  perhaps it’s the wear on the envelopes as it travels to it’s end destination or the way the stamp looks after it’s been run through the postal machines.  or perhaps it’s as simple as receiving the unexpected in our real life mailbox as opposed to our modern virtual inbox.  whatever the reason may be, receiving snail mail always brings a smile to my face.  even in this instance, knowing already what’s inside, i still opened the envelope with excitement.

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day 27 – #dailysoul


“nature’s beauty”

it’s all around us everyday.  all we need to do is take the time to stop and appreciate it.

check out this 15 second video clip i captured the other day.  as i was driving home, i noticed how pretty the white pillowy clouds looked against the amazing blue sky.

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