day 25 – #dailysoul


“handmade earrings & card… love my friend’s thoughtful & generous heart”

if you follow my blog, you’ll know how amazing my friend april is.  my best girlfriend, partner in crime, and yoga buddy is also an amazing artist & jeweler.  in completion of our 108 sun salutations she gave me a new pair of her latest handmade earring design (which i secretly wanted) and this sweet little card she watercolored.  we’ve been friends for about 14 years now and her thoughtful and generous heart just seems to grow more and more with each passing year.

make sure you check out april’s website to see her amazing work and etsy shop for original jewelry designs.

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day 24 – #dailysoul


“tee’s mama”

monday mornings i usually meet tee’s mama, marsha, for a hot yoga session.  today however, we are both resting from our 108 sun salutation event last night.  even though getting up early monday morning can be hard at times, it really has become one of my favorite ways to begin my week.  not just because of the yoga, but because of the time i get to share with marsha.  she’s beauty, strength and grace all rolled into one little package.  i’m almost positive she has a super woman cape hidden in that closet of hers!

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day 23 – #dailysoul


“in celebration of the summer solstice i just completed 108 sun salutations.  what an amazing experience!!!”

tonight i celebrated the summer solstice by participating in 108 sun salutations, led by 3 amazing yoga instructors at purple yoga, ace, alex and scott, accompanied by yogi DJs Mental Physix.  the yoga flow, the live music accompanied by the tribal beats of the drums that each instructor played while the other was leading class was beyond anything i thought i could experience in my yoga practice.  it truly was an amazing experience that left me peaceful, accomplished, and grounded like never before.

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day 21 – #dailysoul


“marking things off my to do list makes me soooooo happy!”

even though these days, i’m feeling like i’m adding to my to do list much faster than i am marking things off, it still feels good.

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