Announcing Jackson Danny and My Return to the Studio

So officially, I started working again at the beginning of this month.  Luckily, it’s been a slow transition back with adjustments everyday to little man’s schedule.  So I thought it fitting to share Jackson’s birth announcement as my first post, as I step back into the studio and slowly get my workflow groove back (now with a baby attached).


I’m not sure how I managed to pull this off, but somewhere in-between breastfeeding, pumping and being very sleep deprived, I managed to design Jackson’s birth announcement, get them printed, AND mailed out within the first 3 weeks after he was born.  Here’s to multi-tasking like a Mother!  🙂


Here’s a look into how they turned out…

jackson_announcement_image1 jackson_announcement_image2 jackson_announcement_image3

I really wanted family and friends to feel like they were holding him in their hands when they opened the card, so the announcement is true to his actual birth size, 20 inches long.

jackson_announcement_image6 jackson_announcement_image4

The backside included a quote by Maureen Hawkins:

“Before you were conceived I wanted you
Before you were born I loved you
Before you were here an hour I would die for you
This is the miracle of love.”

jackson_announcement_image5 jackson_announcement_image7 The photographs of Jackson in color were taken by Bella Baby Photography and the black & white photos were taken by me.  🙂

my most difficult client EVER


so these past couple of months i’ve been dealing with THE most difficult client ever. myself. yes, i’m indecisive, very particular, and so demanding!

it’s been one of the most challenging wedding invitations i’ve had to design, but the most rewarding as well. the invites were finally mailed out this past friday. i must admit, i did get emotional as i walked out the door with these two boxes, got into my car, made my way to the post office and slowly handed off these invitations to the post office clerk.


the day finally arrived! the day i mailed my very own wedding invitations. insert happy tears (and dance) here.

day 28 – #dailysoul


“i love that my family will still mail me stuff that i design and print for them. makes me feel loved!”

there’s just something special about receiving snail mail.  perhaps it’s the wear on the envelopes as it travels to it’s end destination or the way the stamp looks after it’s been run through the postal machines.  or perhaps it’s as simple as receiving the unexpected in our real life mailbox as opposed to our modern virtual inbox.  whatever the reason may be, receiving snail mail always brings a smile to my face.  even in this instance, knowing already what’s inside, i still opened the envelope with excitement.

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holiday cards, part 1

*above image was taken christmas 2005

i may not always decorate the house for the holidays, but the one thing i make a point to do every year is send out my holiday cards.  and each year, i always make sure a theme is followed through from the greeting card itself down to the choice of envelope color, address labels and the postage stamp i use.  i tend to NOT always use the holiday stamps that are available for that year.  if santa and rudolph don’t match my cards, i usually choose to go another route.  some people might think i’m crazy for thinking this way, but i guess those little things matter to me.

as i received my cards from the printers today, i had to make the decision of whether to use a neutral kraft color envelope or a red festive one and while i normally make these decisions on my own, i decided to ask the boyfriend for his opinion this year.  of course, first thing he mentioned is, “it doesn’t really matter much because most people will throw the envelope away anyway.”  typical guy response, right?  but i already knew this and i still wanted his opinion.  so, knowing that the envelope will probably makes its way into the trash can, i still care about the whole presentation of the card.  and i probably always will.

this is just a little sneak peek you’re getting of my holiday cards.  you’ll have to stay tuned to see which envelope color i decided on and which postage stamp i chose to go with.  🙂