ina+tee : wedding details

the whole wedding was very personal to us.  from the person we chose to officiate the ceremony, down to the font chosen for the wedding invite. it was also really important that we incorporated each of our crafts into the wedding.  you all know when it came to the stationery items, that was all me.  well, something that is very tee, is vinyl decals.  tee has an Etsy shop, Put’em in the Wall, dedicated to selling his vinyl decal designs.  so for his craft, we showcased it in the form of a fun vinyl decal application on an old window pane for our guest seating chart.

here are a few shots of some of the wedding details… (and even more desk embossing fun!!!)










a big thank you to my Uncle Wil for helping apply the vinyl decal onto this window pane in the very difficult humid Costa Rica weather!  you really were “MacGyver” that day!



name change ALERT!!! 🙂



photo credit: christine chang photography

styling by eden

eden was the marketing director of a swim company i freelance for.  i was lucky enough to work along side eden for over 8 years on all their marketing collateral.  every year i looked forward to seeing what amazing ideas eden had up her sleeves.  from her everyday fashion sense to her styling techniques, i was always blown away by her ideas and seeing them come to life is pretty amazing.  recently, eden decided to pursue her dreams of becoming a full time styling consultant and following her passion of helping others through her styling for a cause. i was honored to help eden bring her ideas to life and help her promote styling by eden.


silver foil on an all black business card… HOT! (just like eden)  🙂


back window foil vinyl decal by mind’s eye design studio


for more info on Syling By Eden, visit you can also connect with eden via Facebook.

*a special thanks to mind’s eye design studio for helping me bring eden’s ideas to life!

dots around the world

over the weekend i helped mind’s eye design studio install a rather large (approx. 9′ tall x 33′ wide) vinyl wall decal project in a new office space for The A21 Campaign.

here are some pics we managed to take of our day in progress…


tee starting us off by making sure everything is where it needs to be.



me & april making sure everything is lining up properly.


almost there…


ta-dah… the completed piece!


the red dots mark current office locations.  as more offices are opened, more red dots will be replacing the white ones.  love this idea!




make sure to visit mind’s eye design studio’s etsy shop, Put’em In The Wall, for more vinyl wall decor designs.  for custom orders, feel free to contact mind’s eye design studio directly.

you can read more about this project and view additional pics, here.

iphones, butterflies & decals

my cousin, stacy, came over yesterday and was showing me her new iPhone 5.  she had a simple black cover on it and was telling me how she wished it wasn’t so plain as it will easily get lost in “the black hole.”  aka: her purse.  of course, immediately, i said in my overly excited voice, “let’s decorate it with some decals!”

stacy decided on a butterfly design in, her favorite color, purple.  so here is the simple design i came up with and with mind’s eye design studio‘s help with the vinyl decal part… voila!  a newly decorated iPhone!