birthing natural parents

Alongside Mind’s Eye Design Studio, I recently finished and launched a new site for Birthing Natural Parents. The proud owner of this new business and website is Yvonne Toussaint. Through her new website, Yvonne offers support and information regarding her natural approach to pregnancy, parenting, birthing and breastfeeding.  Take a stroll onto to learn more about Yvonne and what she has to offer.


Promotional flyers were also created using the same look and feel of the website.  A long horizontal size flyer, 9″ x 4″, was a perfect match to the main header image and stands out next to your typical 6″ x 4″ size flyer.

*All the illustrations shown above and on the website is by the talented, Mark Ceb.

mind’s eye design studio and i recently worked on a website revamp for  we went for a clean and minimal website layout to showcase her amazing artwork and designs.


we also digitally translated april’s hand drawn sketch to establish her new logo.


check out april’s website when you get a chance and you’ll see for yourself what an amazing artist she truly is.  april’s attention to detail is like no other and her ability to capture the beauty in her everyday surroundings through instagram (@aprilkawaoka) is definitely worth the follow.

tee and i are also beyond thrilled that she will be creating our custom wedding rings!  🙂

styling by eden

eden was the marketing director of a swim company i freelance for.  i was lucky enough to work along side eden for over 8 years on all their marketing collateral.  every year i looked forward to seeing what amazing ideas eden had up her sleeves.  from her everyday fashion sense to her styling techniques, i was always blown away by her ideas and seeing them come to life is pretty amazing.  recently, eden decided to pursue her dreams of becoming a full time styling consultant and following her passion of helping others through her styling for a cause. i was honored to help eden bring her ideas to life and help her promote styling by eden.


silver foil on an all black business card… HOT! (just like eden)  🙂


back window foil vinyl decal by mind’s eye design studio


for more info on Syling By Eden, visit you can also connect with eden via Facebook.

*a special thanks to mind’s eye design studio for helping me bring eden’s ideas to life!

just wrapped up another in a card + mind’s eye design studio website collaboration.  for this website, our client, all american containers of southern california, chose a template based site, which was then customized by us to incorporate the company logo, brand and color scheme. we also provided the majority of the product photography used on the site.


for more information on our web design and services, please feel free to contact us.

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