Trade Show Promotional Giveaway Label Design

As a promotional piece, All American Containers filled one of their amber glass bottles with Aromatherapy Lavender Essential Oils, as a giveaway to booth visitors at a recent trade show. Here is the label I designed for them.  Inspired by a modern spa like feel we were still able to incorporate the triangle from their logo into the design.


Interested in creating a promotional piece for your next trade show or perhaps you’re in need of marketing collateral? Contact me for more info.

Custom Purse Invitations for Veggani’s Launch Party

The purse invitation I designed for Miya’s 6th Birthday is the same template used for Veggani’s Launch Party invitations.  To create a more adult like and classy design I swapped out the white ribbon & button for black and used a light grey snakeskin pattern in place of the pink polka dots & stripes.  I added a tassel to the design of the invitation as well since every purse and clutch in the 2016 Fall/Winter Collection incorporates a tassel or two.







Veggani makes it a point to create ethical cruelty-free modern handbags, using the best vegan leathers and faux furs, recycled linings, and recycled & repurposed hardware.  To view their 2016 Fall/Winter Collection and to learn more about Veggani handbags, visit

birthing natural parents

Alongside Mind’s Eye Design Studio, I recently finished and launched a new site for Birthing Natural Parents. The proud owner of this new business and website is Yvonne Toussaint. Through her new website, Yvonne offers support and information regarding her natural approach to pregnancy, parenting, birthing and breastfeeding.  Take a stroll onto to learn more about Yvonne and what she has to offer.


Promotional flyers were also created using the same look and feel of the website.  A long horizontal size flyer, 9″ x 4″, was a perfect match to the main header image and stands out next to your typical 6″ x 4″ size flyer.

*All the illustrations shown above and on the website is by the talented, Mark Ceb.

celadon & celery’s look book

i met bess at the beginning of the year and since have worked on a few design projects for her. recently bess contacted me to help design a look book for her company, celadon & celery, an NYC and Los Angeles event and floral design company. i love when people put together portfolio books. it’s a perfect time to gather all of the work they’ve done, take a step back, see all they have accomplished and all they can offer.


*photo courtesy of celadon & celery

as a person on the outside seeing all of bess’ work for the first time, i was so impressed.  this young, talented, and oh-so creative woman has a lot going on!  visit her website and see for yourself!

postcard flyers

i think postcard flyers still make for great marketing collateral.  postcard flyers are easy, affordable, tangible ads.  whether you’re a new business trying to gain clients or an established business promoting a new service.  when done correctly, flyers should be able to speak for themselves.


client: spa sophia


client: teen therapy center

postcard flyers also make for great notecards, which is what i’ve created for myself.  i usually include a little note of thanks with my Etsy orders so these work perfectly for me.  i get to say thanks and at the same time let my customers know about the my 2 Etsy shops, along with the different ways they can stay connected with me.


if you’re interested in creating a postcard flyer for your business, feel free to contact me.

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