hello my name is…


pronounced, ee-ray-nuh

whether at starbucks or a restaurant, when asked for my name, a part of me has always wanted to just make up a common everyday name.  a name that people would get immediately, know how to spell, say and write.  however, my conscious takes over me and i end up saying my real name, because somehow i feel like they’ll know i’m lying if i say anything other than irena.  even though, clearly they wouldn’t and probably don’t even care.

but i guess in the back of my mind, i do.  i care.  i like my name and i’m proud of it.  it’s unique like me, and plus, why should i pretend i’m someone else?

so even though my starbucks orders will always end up looking like this 98% percent of the time…


once in a blue moon, i meet someone that falls in the 2% category and gets it juuuust right! without having to ask me twice or how to spell it, they scribble my name down and when i grab for my coffee and see it spelled correctly, i just smile.  real big.  yay!!!


name necklace pictured above is by the amazing, april kawaoka.

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