hot yoga

i was introduced to yoga about 2 years ago and since have been practicing on a weekly basis.  i recently decided to try something new as i’m constantly reminded how important it is to push myself and do things i wouldn’t normally do.

enter hot yoga.  not bikram, as i originally imagined the two to be one and the same, but instead a vinyasa style yoga in a 100 degree room.  sounds crazy, right?  well i thought so too and never in a million years did i think i would be trying it, much less practicing it on a daily basis.

my friend marsinah tried getting me to go years ago but i found every excuse in the book not too.  the thought of being in that heated room was intimidating to me.  also, the fact that i had never practiced yoga in my life stopped me completely from even giving it a chance.  all i kept thinking about was not being able to breathe and passing out the minute i stepped into the heated room.


my boyfriend’s mom has been practicing hot yoga for the past year and she’s always inviting me to go, so finally i just told myself, “just go do it!”  and so i casually signed up with purple yoga, in long beach, to go try a class with her.  i figured, i might as well sign up for their new student online deal, $20 for an unlimited 2 week trial.  if anything, i’d at least get my moneys worth if all i did was try 2 or 3 classes.

little did i know that after my first class, i’d recruit two of my friends and was basically hooked after my second class.  although the temperature was an intimidating factor for me, i actually find the heat to be quite relaxing.  it also helps me focus on my breathing, which, as you find out, is key to your yoga practice.  and the water-dripping-off-your-body-like-you-just-walked-out-of-the-shower-with-your-clothes-on-sweatiness that goes on… yup, even that part is addicting as well!

practicing almost everyday now, i’m still incorporating my regular yoga practice because as much as i love hot yoga, i still love my wednesday evenings with mb at studio surya yoga.

so, lesson learned, never say never and always try something at least once!

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