my irena necklace

one of the perks of having a best girlfriend that’s an artist & jeweler is being able to request almost any piece of custom jewelry that my heart desires.  or at least what the pockets can afford right now.

my most recent request???

an irena necklace with an “april kawaoka” touch, which she gave me as a gift for my 30th birthday.

carrie bradshaw had a “carrie necklace” on sex and the city but even hers wasn’t as stylish as mine.

if you’d like to see more of what jewelry april currently has for sale, visit her Etsy site.

if you want to see other cool stuff that she’s made, visit her website.

if you like my irena necklace and wish you had one for yourself, send her a convo through Etsy or email her at

and if you’re lucky, she may grant you your custom order request.

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  1. Jane January 16, 2010

    I absolutely loooove the necklace! I want one!


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