ride or die chick

i’ve been bicycle shopping lately. haven’t ridden on a bike since i was a wee little one. really. no lie. i keep telling my friends that i have never ridden an adult bike and they look at me a bit confused at first. then i explain to them that the only 2 bikes i ever rode on was my very first bike, which was a strawberry shortcake tricycle and then my sister’s hand me down little kid, don’t remember what kind except that it was yellow and black, bike, with training wheels and then eventually without.

so all this talk of mountain bikes, road bikes, 3 speed, 7 speed, etc. all goes over my head. but lately with summer in full swing, friends out riding their bikes to the beach and the boyfriend building his very own bike, i’ve had the need to find me a bike and learn to get back on it!

i’ll be the first to admit, i have no idea what all the specs and detail mean on a bike (luckily i have the boyfriend to help me out on that part). i just knew i wanted something that fit my sense of style, is light enough for me to carry up and down 2 flights of stairs on my own, comes in a color scheme that i like, is available in a small enough size for my short 5′ frame and of course have room for a cute basket! after weeks of looking, i can’t believe i actually found a bike that fit each one of those criteria.

meet the 2012 trek allant wsd… an order for this bike has been placed and hopefully will make its way to me at the end of this week. next i’ll have to find “the basket” that compliments this bikes cuteness.