custom holiday greetings by in a card

this holiday season serendipity magazine will be sending out holiday greetings with an “in a card” touch!

these custom holiday cards were designed especially for serendipity magazine with a personal greeting of their own on the inside to express their sentiments to all their vendors this year.

each card was embellished with 3 tiny silver ribbons and paired with an elegant metallic silver envelope, which will be a real stand out when each recipient opens their mailbox this holiday season.

what to make a statement this holiday with custom cards by “in a card”?  email me for more info and don’t forget, if you don’t make it in time for christmas, new year’s greetings are just as special!

christmas simplewear designs

i was at michael’s over a month ago and freaked out when they started to put out ALL the holiday stuff (halloween, thanksgiving AND christmas). i must have said out loud to anyone that could hear me, “can we just get through halloween first?!?!?!” seriously, it seems as if retail shops rush us right through the holiday season and next thing you know it’s a brand new year and you’re left sitting there thinking, “what the heck just happened???”

well with all the talk of early christmas shopping happening on tv ads, blogs, facebook and twitter, i decided to jump on that band wagon as well and do some christmas designs for my simplewear baby onesies. but i’m not going to rush anyone into buying these right now. you can wait until after thanksgiving (as i like to do) and purchase these for your new baby or buy this for someone that is expecting a december baby.  but, for you extra early christmas shoppers that make us last minute shoppers jealous, these onesies are available to purchase now at

this particular design can be made even more personal and custom by replacing “baby” with an actual name.  i think it makes for a sweet keepsake.

“baby’s 1st christmas” by simplewear on Etsy

“christmas wish come true” by simplewear on Etsy

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