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corner rounding fun

after test driving blushing pearl‘s corner rounder last month, i was on mission to get my very own corner rounder cutter. i even had mind’s eye design studio look for me every day on ebay to see if we can get a deal on one. but of course, there was always someone else coming in 30 seconds before the end to out bid us. so i finally gave up and decided to just buy a brand new one.

i was so excited when the cutter came last week and it has been tempting me all week to start corner rounding. but with project deadlines to meet, it wasn’t until yesterday that i finally got to start playing with it. and now i’m having a hard time NOT corner rounding everything!!! hehehe…

mind’s eye design studio just recently re-designed and printed their business card with the intent of rounding the corners.  here’s a few i got to experiment with.  i have to say, rounded corners or not, the new business cards are looking great!!!  but the rounded corners do give it that extra little something, don’t you think?

now, what else can i corner round here…

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