cali summers

a quote by Kellie Elmore, Magic in the Backyard:

“I love how summer just wraps it’s arms around you like a warm blanky.”

although the weather doesn’t feel like the end of summer, kids starting school and labor day soon approaching, i know summer is coming to a close.

i’ve been fortunate enough this summer to spend many of my days at the beach with my partners in crime, tee (the boyfriend) and april (my best girlfriend).  whether it be a full day or just a couple of hours, our beach days have been filled with refreshing dips in the ocean, yummy lee’s sandwiches, while relaxing and basking in the sun.

just this past weekend, i was able to watch the sunset over the pacific while my toes were being washed over by the extremely warm ocean water.  i couldn’t help but feel… blessed!  cali summer blessed!

i mean, seriously, how ridiculously amazing is this sunset???

hermosa beach, ca

this song is a few years old, but i think it’s the theme song to my summer of 2012…

enjoy, and try to soak in as much summer as you can before we “fall” back!


  1. Klaus January 2, 2013

    I am glad we could share this warm memory together.
    This day was definitely a day which when I think of can say that I was happy that moment.

  2. Kellie Elmore February 22, 2013



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