daddy’s little girl

i was helping my niece with her homework last night and it reminded me of when my dad use to help me with mine when i was growing up.  and that got me reminiscing…

funny how i talk about paying attention to details so much on my blog.  and i realize, that is definitely one of the MANY things i learned from my dad, which has helped me a great deal with my business.  along with being neat and well organized, teaching me the importance of getting things done IMMEDIATELY rather than procrastinating, showing me how to use a ruler and an exacto knife before i knew that those two tools would be a staple in my future career.

thanks dad, for always being right there when i need you and giving me the right tools to soar!

this is another funny photobooth shot that my dad got in on with my sister, my mom and i. well at first he had no idea it was going to take a series of 4 shots so that’s why he’s just standing in the background on the middle two. ha!

it’s my dad’s birthday month, so i thought i’d start celebrating him early with this blog post.  🙂

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