gadget rag

i don’t know if it has to do with me getting older or working in front of the computer everyday.  or perhaps it’s a bit of both, but recently i had my eyes checked and was surprised to find out from the doctor that if i had taken my dmv test, i would have failed completely due to my eye sight.  i guess my boyfriend was right all these years of telling me that i need glasses.

so now i have to wear glasses on an everyday basis and i’m even more grateful that i have these awesome microfiber cloths by gadget rag to keep my glasses clean.  i seriously have these designer cloths everywhere.  in the car, in my purse, in my camera bag, at my desk, upstairs, downstairs…  you just never know when you need one!  i use mine to also clean my computer screen and camera.

i did a few custom designs for them that you can find and purchase on their website.  this one is a favorite of mine.

gadget rag

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