i ♥ mamaw & papaw (coming soon…)

i’ve received so many orders for the “i heart grandma & grandpa (coming soon…)” onesie lately and a few times i’ve been asked to customize this design with their own version of “grandma & grandpa” or even a few “aunt & uncle” requests, which makes for a special way of announcing your pregnancy to the ENTIRE family!

here is a special one i created recently that is on it’s way to surprising a set of parents of their son’s new journey into fatherhood.  matthew is currently in afghanistan, so he’ll be skyping with his parents as they open this special package.  i can’t wait to hear and see their reaction when they open this package.  with luck, i’m hoping matthew is able to get a screenshot of his mother’s face as he’s promised to share her reaction with me.

just thinking about it brings tears of joy to my eyes.

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