it’s all in the details!

happy 1st day of november!  hope everyone had a fun halloween weekend!

my friends and i did a fun group costume over the weekend.  it started with the idea of 2 girls as boxers and the guys as our trainers. at the last minute 1 of the trainers decided to be don king ’cause every good fight needs a good promoter!  🙂  our costumes were a big hit with everyone that night.  even the security guy outside the bar got a great kick out of our costumes.  i always enjoy making halloween costumes my own and i feel like everything else in life, it’s always the little details that matter the most.  so what were the details we put into our costumes?

take a look and see for yourself…

he wasn’t just any kind of trainer…

he was a boxing trainer!

i wasn’t just any boxer… i was “hit girl!”

with a pillow in his belly, gold chains around his neck, an american flag in one hand and “hit girl” by his side, everyone was shouting out don king’s famous words, “only in america!” at us all night long.

i think this group costume was a TKO!

hopefully this fun costume idea inspires you for next year’s halloween and don’t forget, it’s all in the details!

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