simplewear’s #1 fan

simplewear came to be, the day my nephew came to life.

the idea of decorating my sister’s baby shower with a string of clothespin hung baby onesies just wasn’t good enough for me.

as a graphic designer and owner of “in a card“, i knew i wanted to make each onesie extra special and very personal for my nephew. so the idea of individually styling the onesie and customizing each one came to be.

with so many inquiries on the customized onesies from the baby shower, i knew i had to pursue this idea.

and so, simplewear was created.

almost 4 years later, my sister FINALLY comes around to sharing pictures of my nephew wearing his first simplewear onesie. i guess, better late then never, right? lol…

check out my nephew lucas in the “made with love by” onesie available for purchase at

thanks mommy/sister ilona for sharing this adorable picture!


the “made with love by” onesie is simplewear’s #1 selling design and has been used in many ways to welcome and announce the birth of a new baby.  it’s so wonderful to hear that simplewear has become such a huge part in announcing one of life’s greatest gifts!

if you have a picture of your little one in a simplewear design, i invite you to become a fan and welcome you to share pictures on my facebook fan page.

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