thankful for…

…all these wonderful simplewear Etsy orders i’ve received this month!

seems like the holiday season is in full swing now.  holiday decorations are up in most major retail stores, temporary ice skating rinks have landed and my simplewear Etsy shop has been busy taking orders for the thanksgiving holiday.  no, we’re not selling turkeys!  however, it seems a lot of you have a bun in the oven!  and thanksgiving is the perfect holiday to make your special announcement to the family.  i’ve had a lot of orders for the “i heart grandma & grandpa (coming soon…)” onesie along with a couple custom requests.

this one in particular i thought was very fitting for the thanksgiving holiday. mama-to-be is surprising her family by wrapping these onesies up with the silverware for dinnertime .  how cute and fun, huh?

when she told me her initial idea, i immediately new this custom design was a must. reminds me of when we go around the table and say what we’re each thankful for.  as an added surprise to each onesie, the expected due date (coming soon july 2013) is mentioned on the backside of the onesie.  the soon to be aunties & uncles are getting the classic “loved and spoiled by” designs with the addition of the due date announcement on the backside as well.

if you’re interested in using a simplewear onesie to help make your special announcement, be sure to visit the shop and check out the available designs.  remember, we do custom designs and all existing designs are fully customizable as well.

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