wedding on my mind


both my mom and sister recently pointed out how behind i’ve been on my blogging.  my sister jokingly said that new year’s come and gone and my last blog post is still me cheers’ing in the new year.  ha!

well, i’ve been preoccupied lately.  with work, yes.  but on top of all that, i now have wedding planning to add to my list.  it’s quite interesting actually.  i’ve been so use to being on the other end, the save-the-date-wedding-invitation go to person.  and now here i am, sitting in front of my computer trying to come up with ideas for our save the dates, working on a wedding website and constantly being reminded by my fianće that “rome wasn’t built in a day.”  (by the way, i still think the word fianće sounds funny and i still find it difficult to say out loud. writing it is one thing, but actually saying it, without laughing, is another.)

so the coffee table has been taken over by wedding magazines, pinterest has become a new form of communication with my sister, all planning and organizing comes in the form of a spreadsheet, and my web browser history knows, and (my favorite) all too well.  but hopefully, you’ll be able forgive me if my posts are far in between from one another and you’ll enjoy reading a bit of personal wedding blog posts throughout this planning process of mine.

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