yoga wednesday

yoga wednesday… one of my favorite days of the week.

when i was living on the westside, i discovered a cozy little yoga studio in venice called, studio surya yoga.  since discovering this studio and one of my favorite yoga instructors, mary beth larue, i’ve made a point to make wednesday nights, my in studio yoga practice.

i never schedule any meetings or appointments wednesday evenings.  i turn down any and all dinner invitations unless they are willing to go to yoga with me first or unless they are willing to meet me after class.  i guess you can say it’s what i’ve designated on my calendar as my “me time.”

and although, i can’t make it out to the studio as often as i like now that i live in the south bay area, thankfully i can still practice on a regular basis at home, via yogis anonymous, with mary beth, online, at anytime, from anywhere!



since it’s always more fun to share things we love, i thought i’d share with you all a 15-day free trial period.  just enter this coupon code: irenaong3072 when you sign up.

enjoy and namaste!

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