day 19 – #dailysoul


“my favorite westside (yoga) instructor, mary beth larue, teaching in the south bay! yay!!!”

normally i practice with mary beth wednesday evenings over in venice at studio surya yoga, but today she taught at the green yogi, in manhattan beach (which is super close to me) for the first time and i was honored to practice there today as her guest.  but truth be told, she’s one of the best, so really, i’d always drive the distance for one of her sweaty blissed flow classes!  check out her class sometime if you get a chance.  you won’t be disappointed!

to learn more about the #dailysoul challenge, click here.

day 1 – #dailysoul

my yoga instructor, mary beth larue, has combined forces with two of her inspiring friends, rachelle and caley, resulting in, handstands, hamsas and BLISS!   their intention is to inspire personal strength through practice, to emphasize the importance of finding bliss in all things, and to give us the tools to learn how to spread our message and the message of others who are making this world a healthier, brighter, more soulful place.  they will be doing this thru challenges, workshops, outreach, etc.

i thought it would be fun to join in on their very first challenge for the month of june, called #dailysoul.  the challenge is to take a picture via instagram everyday in the month of june of something that feeds our soul.  something that inspires us and lights us up from the inside out.  to read more about the challenge and to join in on the fun, click here.  if you join in on the fun, make sure to tag your image with the following: #dailysoul @caleyalyssa @melarue @the_neshama_project

here is my day 1 – #dailysoul picture…


“tasting & enjoying the sweeter parts of life!”

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yoga wednesday

yoga wednesday… one of my favorite days of the week.

when i was living on the westside, i discovered a cozy little yoga studio in venice called, studio surya yoga.  since discovering this studio and one of my favorite yoga instructors, mary beth larue, i’ve made a point to make wednesday nights, my in studio yoga practice.

i never schedule any meetings or appointments wednesday evenings.  i turn down any and all dinner invitations unless they are willing to go to yoga with me first or unless they are willing to meet me after class.  i guess you can say it’s what i’ve designated on my calendar as my “me time.”

and although, i can’t make it out to the studio as often as i like now that i live in the south bay area, thankfully i can still practice on a regular basis at home, via yogis anonymous, with mary beth, online, at anytime, from anywhere!



since it’s always more fun to share things we love, i thought i’d share with you all a 15-day free trial period.  just enter this coupon code: irenaong3072 when you sign up.

enjoy and namaste!

top 12 of 2012

as we approach the end of another year, i think back on this year and i feel fulfilled.  so as a tribute, here’s my top 12 favorite moments of 2012…

1.  moving in with the boyfriend at the start of the year

2.  rooftop yoga with mary beth larue


3.  camping at joshua tree

4.  lazy summer beach days

5.  enjoying iberico ham on a thursday afternoon, just ’cause


6.  reuniting with my cousin klaus from germany after 11 years


7.  updating my 10 year old website


8.  being apart of so many pregnancy announcements through my simplewear onesies


9.  family time


10.  roadtrip to sedona, arizona


11.  fun new freelance projects rolling into the new year


12. celebrating old traditions and creating a few new ones along the way


C H E E R S… and i’ll see you in 2013!