day 1 – #dailysoul

my yoga instructor, mary beth larue, has combined forces with two of her inspiring friends, rachelle and caley, resulting in, handstands, hamsas and BLISS!   their intention is to inspire personal strength through practice, to emphasize the importance of finding bliss in all things, and to give us the tools to learn how to spread our message and the message of others who are making this world a healthier, brighter, more soulful place.  they will be doing this thru challenges, workshops, outreach, etc.

i thought it would be fun to join in on their very first challenge for the month of june, called #dailysoul.  the challenge is to take a picture via instagram everyday in the month of june of something that feeds our soul.  something that inspires us and lights us up from the inside out.  to read more about the challenge and to join in on the fun, click here.  if you join in on the fun, make sure to tag your image with the following: #dailysoul @caleyalyssa @melarue @the_neshama_project

here is my day 1 – #dailysoul picture…


“tasting & enjoying the sweeter parts of life!”

if you haven’t already, follow me on instagram, @inacard, to see more of my #dailysoul pics.


  1. mary beth larue June 1, 2013

    yay!!! thanks love!


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