a note-able gift idea

i’ve gotten several etsy orders from brides-to-be for my monogram note card designs. what a great and personal gift idea for bridesmaids!

here is a recent order i just did and actually remembered to take a quick pic of before mailing off.

this etsy customer went with the “art deco-rative” design, which is one of my favorites, for all seven of her bridesmaids.

if you are interested in seeing some of my other designs or would like to purchase these note cards for your bridesmaids, please visit inacard.etsy.com or email me at info@inacard.com

and remember…
we at “in a card” are passionate about written correspondences. what better way to show someone how much you care then taking the time to write them a note. whether it’s a simple thank you or a long over due how’s it going, we hope our designs will motivate you to pick up that pen and send a little love…

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