custom made to order

happy first day of september…

the days seem to go by faster and the months are starting to just roll into one another. this past month, my weekends were filled with a little R&R and filling etsy orders during the week. i had a few more custom made simplewear orders than the average, so i thought i’d share a few of the fun designs.

this “little bizzzy bee” design was inspired by a bee themed baby shower for the mother-to-be. now everyone can know who this little bizzzy bee belongs to.

it seems exciting enough when you are able to share a pregnancy with your best friend. imagine how much more exciting it is when you’re both having little girls? it’s a given that the 2 little girls will be BFF’s as well. so this would make them BFF to the second degree!

my little cousin recently had a superhero themed party for his 5th birthday and i thought this shirt would be an absolutely perfect gift and an awesome shirt for his first day of kindergarten.

when you’ve got a beautiful strong name like, zachary bruce morse, you almost have to let the whole world know and since little baby zach is too little to tell everyone himself, this little onesie will do the job for him.

if you like any of these designs, would like to purchase or have an idea you’d like applied to a onesie or t-shirt, feel free to email me for more details or visit my etsy shop for other design options.

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