as a freelance graphic designer, you rely greatly on referrals.  lucky for me, i’ve met some pretty awesome people over the years and they in return they have referred me to even more awesome people.

after working via email and phone for the past half year, i finally got a chance to meet jana, of jana williams photography, in person.  besides being a sweet southern gal with a killer sense of style, jana is also as beautiful, inside and out, as the pictures she takes!  you may have even seen some of her work, as she’s been published in lots of magazines, such as elle, c magazine, inside weddings and bello to name a few.  she even got the cover of style me pretty’s: best of 2012 magazine recently!

after discussing her ideas on the new direction she is hoping to achieve with her new blog site, i immediately knew it was going to be a fun project.  plus, i got to work with mind’s eye design studio again for all the web programming stuff.  it was a win, win situation for me!

here’s a look at the new jana williams photography blog: janafromalabama.com.

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