arts & crafts party invites

this year, for my niece kayla’s 7th birthday party, she’s having an arts & crafts party.  when my sister first came to me for invitation ideas, my mind was a complete blank.  very unlike me when someone presents me with such a fun party idea.

i’m not sure if i was just over thinking the idea since every year i have this need to top past invitations that i’ve done for her.  or perhaps, i’ve just been feeling a bit overwhelmed with my work load lately.

either way, i had to step back for a second and remind myself that simple is what makes my designs unique.

so here is how the arts & crafts party invitations turned out…

i created a fun and colorful paint splatter background, put all the info on a sheet of vellum paper as an overlay, and topped each invitation with a real paintbrush that each guest can keep and use.

different color paint brushes and envelopes were used to keep with the very colorful theme.

to see past invitations i’ve created for kayla, see the links below and let me know which one is your favorite so far.

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