i ♥ custom simplewear requests!

i think it’s great when people contact me requesting a simplewear design to use as a part of their baby’s birth announcement or even a fun way to tell your family that you are expecting. it’s nice to be a small part of such a great moment in someone else’s life.

here’s another custom design request from my simplewear Etsy shop this week.

want something more specific or personalized put on a baby onesie or kid t-shirt? email me or convo me through Etsy.

monkeying around

i recently had a request for a custom lil’ monkey simplewear baby onesie design with the personalization of the parent’s names.  here is how it turned out…

this design inspired a new set of twin onesies, “monkey see, monkey do,” now available for purchase at my etsy shop, simplewear.etsy.com

“monkey see, monkey do” by simplewear on Etsy

this design is also available in toddler size t-shirts, which also make for a great gift to give a newborn baby and their older sibling.  ’cause when one monkey sees, the other monkey does.

34.fourteen’s grand opening party

here are a few pics from the 34.fourteen grand opening party i attended last friday…

3414 w. magnolia blvd.
burbank, ca 91505

store hours:
monday – saturday: 10:30 am – 7:00 pm
sunday: 12:00 pm – 5:00 pm

most adorable alice in wonderland themed store window display i’ve ever seen!

there’s a little something for everyone here.

dessert anyone?  gourmet desserts and cakes provided by the kitchen window.

these gorgous gals are karen soto (right), the vision and owner of 34.fourteen and her oldest daughter, taylor (left).

and over in this corner we have… simplewear, making it’s first store debut!  i love that my product is surrounded by the adorable stuffed animals of JanieXY.  and of course, don’t forget the in a card note cards packaged and sitting pretty, peaking at the right corner.  🙂

here’s a pic of the hat i decorated and wore to the party.  i think someone else needs to have an alice in wonderland themed hat party so i can wear this creation one more time.

a special thanks to those of you that came out to the grand opening and showed your love and support for in a card/simplewear!!!

loved and spoiled by

i recently had a special request for a simplewear onesie specifically for an aunt and uncle expecting their first neice or nephew. the customer really liked the made with love by design and idea, so i decided to turn my made with love by into loved and spoiled by. which is perfect for you grandmas & grandpas and aunties & uncles who want the world to know just how loved and spoiled your little one is.  available for purchase at simplewear.etsy.com

“loved and spoiled by” by simplewear on Etsy

new simplewear hang tags

i’m such a sucker for cute packaging…

i seriously would buy something just because it was packaged so well. which is why i decided to make my simplewear packaging even more cuter, by having blushing pearl letterpress my simplewear hang tags. look at how adorable they came out…

this ready-made 3 pack set, “sweetest collection,” is part of a collection that will be sold in a new boutique called, 34.fourteen

and for those of you NOT in the los angeles area, you can always purchase my simplewear onesies on my etsy shop at simplewear.etsy.com