i ♥ cupcakes!

especially dots cupcakes!

love the decor, love the packaging, love the cupcakes!!!

and all right here in pasadena, ca.  stop by and have a taste if you’re ever in the area or better yet, plan a trip out this way and make sure this is one of your stops.


i picked up these four today as a special treat for my cousins who just welcomed their twin baby boys.  (top: red velvet, chocolate lovers’  bottom: carrot, strawberry shortcake)

don’t be late for a very important date!

my niece had her mad hatter tea party yesterday and it was the most fun filled children’s party i’ve ever been to.  and the most colorful!  big paper flowers and decorative lanterns were strung above the main table as kids ate with colorful mismatched place settings.  little flower arrangements lined across the center of the table adding even more vibrant colors to the setting.



the activities ranged from decorating your own hat, to face painting and of course as my niece had requested, a piñata!




my mom made a hat cake to resemble the invitations with a side of equally fun stacked cupcakes which the kids (and a few parents) gobbled up in an instant.



air lucas

for my nephew’s 1st birthday we did an airplane themed party.

all the guests we’re mailed invitations that resembled airline tickets. each invitation was personalized with each guest’s names printed on each ticket to give it a more personal and realistic touch. maybe too realistic because a few aunts and uncles really thought they had won a free airplane ticket! lol…

air lucas invitation

my mom created this amazing airplane shaped cake with little cupcakes with cloud toppers surrounding the entire cake.

air lucas cake

little cupcake

for my neice’s 1st birthday we had a cupcake themed party.

this was the invitation and matching thank you note that was sent out to each guest.

cupcake invitation & thank you

each handcut and handcrafted invitation included the die-cut cupcake invitation along with a little sheet of directions tucked inside the back that fit nicely in a polka dot vellum pocket. and to top it off, an image of my niece was used as a little topper on the cupcake.

cupcake thank you

my mom decorated over 50 cupcakes and displayed them on a three tier stand and i topped it off with a die-cut image of my niece from her most recent 1 year old photo shoot.