the parties continue…

the summer seems to be pretty jam packed with parties and all sorts of fun events as my inbox has been consistently receiving inquiries and requests for birthdays, parties and baby showers.  here are a few that started off the summer for me.

i received a special request for a garden bug theme birthday party in the style of my little invites.  the outcome was this little love bug invite that will shortly make its way to my etsy shop along with a couple new designs i’ve been working on.  (stay tuned for those!)

a lovely young lady contacted me after seeing my 30th themed cupcake toppers and wanted to do something special for her own 30th.  here are her flirty thirty cupcake toppers and matching thank you notecards.

to complete the minnie mouse themed birthday party invitations i designed, here is a look at a couple additional things i did to help bring in the theme to the event.

buffet tags

*above photo courtesy of client

cupcake toppers

*above photo courtesy of client

monogram thank you notecards

parties galore!

well, another month seems to have passed me by and now i have to play catch up on my blog and share all the fun events that i worked on for Chlo+E‘s fun table spreads.

here is a quick run down with some snapshots to get you up to date…

here is a lucite concession stand the girl’s created for the screening of Nickelodeon’s iParty with Victorious.

the bachelor’s melissa rycroft had a western themed sip and see hosted by huggies, where the girls designed an adorable western themed dessert table.

a colorful spread helped create this rainbow themed party for a little boy’s 3rd birthday party.

and the most recent event that took place, was a vintage themed baby shower.

*all photos courtesy of Chlo+E

Op event table

here’s a recent table the girls at Chlo+E did for Op at Star Magazine’s “All Hollywood” Party Event.

Op already has their own distinct brand and style, so i used elements from their current ad campaign to create fun and colorful favor bag labels, surfboard shaped buffet tags, candy bag toppers and cute little cupcake toppers.

i love all the little details these girls always include in their table spreads!

*all photos courtesy of Chlo+E

march madness

it sure has been madness around here!

the month is already half over and this is only my first blog entry for the month. reason being that i’ve been busy with tons of projects makes it all the better though. it’s been the end and start of catalog season for 2 of my clients, my etsy shops ( & have remained consistent with orders and i’ve also had several custom requests for both invitations and onesies. before the month slips away, i want to make sure i share a few images from recent projects i’ve completed.

i had a request for the fun layered cupcake invitations i designed a while back. it was fun creating these special invitations once again.

i turned one of my new little invites into a big 5″x7″, which allowed for more information to be included on the invite.

my great aunt theresa recently turned 80 and i helped my cousin nadia create these fun party favors for each guest. theresa is known to be one of “the best” cooks in our family so it was such a clever idea to gift everyone with spices and a recipe of chicken satay, which calls for all 3 spices in the ingredients.

each spice was also marked with an image of theresa during different times of her life.

Chlo+E had a alex & wonderland themed bat mitzvah party, where once again their dessert table was nothing short of fabulous. besides the usual buffet tags and labels i normally design for them, they added some fun character cut-outs as well to the spread.

the girls recently launched their new website, so make sure to check them out!

*all photos of alex & wonderland courtesy of Chlo+E

little cupcake’s complete set

an Etsy customer recently requested matching thank you notes to go with the little cupcake invitations. so i decided to just complete the whole set by creating some little cupcake seals as well.

here is what the complete set looks like…

all available for purchase at my etsy shop,

i even have the matching little cupcake onesie/t-shirts available at

“little cupcake” by simplewear on Etsy