day 2 – #dailysoul


“peaceful drive on the freeway this early am.  we don’t get those very often in LA so i’ve learned to appreciate them greatly.”

there’s always something about waking up early in the morning and starting my day before the rest of the world joins in on the chaos.  i find peace in the sounds of birds chirping rather than the rush of cars passing by, the streets and freeways are still peaceful.  somehow, all this makes me move more at my own pace rather than trying to keep up or push through a crowd.  it reminds me of my yoga practice and how the instructor will remind everyone in class to just move at their own pace.  such great advice for when you are on AND off the mat.  wishing you all a happy & peaceful sunday!

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rain + wind = pretty LA

i think LA is always it’s prettiest after it rains and with the help of some gusty winds, you’re left with this picturesque view.

hoping for more rain in our near future.  my rain boots would like to come out and play as well.