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i’ve been working more on my online business presence lately.  which for me includes, facebook, twitter, my blog and i’m even in the process of revamping my “over 10 years old looking” website.

since i’ve waited so long to revamp my website, i’m faced with the challenge of sorting through 12 years worth of work to fit into the most important category of all… the “portfolio” section.  although, it’s been a challenge, it’s also been pretty amazing looking back at all the work i’ve done and seeing how much i’ve accomplished as a designer.  i can’t wait to debut the new site to you all!

with facebook’s switch over to the new timeline design, i took this opportunity to update my facebook business page and make sure i am using all the cool new apps available to help my page stay current and informative.

if you haven’t already, please check out the page and let me know what you think.

i ♥ referrals!

a referral is the best form of flattery…

know someone getting married and are in need of custom wedding invitations?

how about someone starting a business that can use a professional designer to create and establish the look and feel of their company with a logo design?

or maybe you know someone that has a great love for all things stationery and would just enjoy seeing and reading about my designs?

well, send them on over…

email :: info@inacard.com
web :: www.inacard.com
twitter :: twitter.com/inacard or tweet @inacard
facebook :: facebook.com/inacard
shops :: inacard.etsy.com and simplewear.etsy.com

receive a 10% discount* on your next “in a card” order or design service for referring a friend.

*please note: 10% discount does not apply to sales tax and/or shipping costs. can not be combined with any other discounts, offers, promos or specials.

to family and friends that have referred me and my business… i appreciate you and am thankful for your continuous love and support!
a quote by Oscar Wilde:
“The smallest act of kindness is worth more than the grandest intention.”


been twittering for a couple of days now and am pretty amazed at this whole online movement.  even experienced an unexpected customer service twitter…

after posting a tweet about being disappointed with vista print, i soon receieved an @inacard reply asking if there was something they could help me with.  in 140 characters i was able to express my problem and awoke this morning with a direct message stating that my re-order shipping has been waived and that my account has been reimbursed.

now, you tell me, why couldn’t the customer service lady i spoke to yesterday on the phone have done that for me right then and there? really makes me think that the vista print twitter should replace the entire vista print customer service department!