Adelina is The Perfect Little Mix


Adelina is definitely the perfect little mix.  She’s a wee bonnie Scottish Latin girl.  She’s spicy!  And she’s simply adorable with her newly pierced ears!

The Perfect Little Mix Simplewear onesie is available for purchase, here.  Be sure to also check out the Side A & Side B option (perfect for a set of twins) of this fun design, here.

*Thank you to Mama Kim for sharing, yet, another adorable photo of Adelina with us!

brand new simplewear baby onesies added to the Etsy shop

a few new onesie designs have been added to the simplewear Etsy shop over the weekend.  i’m hoping to add more in the next couple of months so be sure to check back.

top left clockwise: 1. baby arriving onesie  2. hashtag baby onesie  3. arriving baby onesie  4. daddy’s little sailor baby onesie  5. the perfect little mix baby onesie

i’m always open to creating custom onesies, so if you have a specific idea, feel free to contact me and i’ll see what i can do for you.