jenny + peter : a perfect union wedding invitations

i believe wedding invitations help set the theme of your special day. whether you decide to go super formal or simply casual, your invitation is the first glimpse of what your guests will be expecting on your special day. and definitely something that reflects your sense of style.

as i was designing jenny & peter’s wedding invitations, it was very clear that their wedding celebration will be a very formal and exquisite event. the use of creme paper stock with gold metallic paper and ink introduce the very upscale choice of their wedding colors and their choice to do a pocket envelope style invitation with a postcard reply card still give it a very modern feel.

doing a postcard style reply card means you also save a little on postage stamps. unfortunately, the only current $.28 postcard stamp available right now is an image of a polar bear.  now, little details like that mean the world to me.  so it was great to know my client felt the exact same way when we decided to go with the $.44 wedding ring stamps.

sometimes it’s worth spending that little extra to make something look that much better.

the request to have an image of 2 rings intertwined made for a perfect monogram with jenny & peter’s initials, which i think also symbolizes a great union of the two together.

the current $.61 wedding stamp also fit perfectly with the style and color of the wedding invitation.  i just love when things like that fit so perfectly together!

if you’re interested in custom wedding invitations for your special day, please feel free to contact me.

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