celadon & celery’s look book

i met bess at the beginning of the year and since have worked on a few design projects for her. recently bess contacted me to help design a look book for her company, celadon & celery, an NYC and Los Angeles event and floral design company. i love when people put together portfolio books. it’s a perfect time to gather all of the work they’ve done, take a step back, see all they have accomplished and all they can offer.


*photo courtesy of celadon & celery

as a person on the outside seeing all of bess’ work for the first time, i was so impressed.  this young, talented, and oh-so creative woman has a lot going on!  visit her website and see for yourself!

day 27 – #dailysoul


“nature’s beauty”

it’s all around us everyday.  all we need to do is take the time to stop and appreciate it.

check out this 15 second video clip i captured the other day.  as i was driving home, i noticed how pretty the white pillowy clouds looked against the amazing blue sky.

to learn more about the #dailysoul challenge, click here.

happy mother’s day

for all the moms out there…

but especially for my mom, sister and tee’s mom,


you love unconditionally,

give yourself selflessly,

and do it all so effortlessly.

you continue to inspire and amaze me everyday.

H  A  P  P  Y    M  O  T  H  E  R  ‘  S    D  A  Y

xo, ina



a quote by Barbara Cage:

“Love is a partnership of two unique people who bring out the very best in each other and who know that even though they are wonderful individuals, they are even better together.”

happy love day!