Love + Joy

“One of the greatest lessons we can learn from a child, is to see the world through their eyes of WONDER.”

This was the holiday card we sent out this year as an official family of four. Jackson Danny was of course the highlight of our year so he was also the highlight of our holiday card.

This photo of him captures the pure essence of of a baby. The wonder and awe of seeing and experiencing things for the very first time. It’s the most amazing thing to witness first hand. He definitely has made this holiday season that much more special and magical for us.


May love surround you all year long and may the simple things bring you the most joy.

H A P P Y   H O L I D A Y S
from our family to yours!

ina + tee + jd + bee

Happy Halloween from My Little Totoro

Happy Halloween from my little Totoro 🎃

We’ve all been under the weather this week but from the looks of these photos you would never know little man caught his very first cold.

I had so much fun creating this costume for him.  Amazing what you can do with a grey one piece, some felt and a way too small baby newborn hat from the dresser.  The best part is, I can take this costume apart and he’ll be able to wear the grey one piece as the weather hopefully starts to get cooler.

If you’re not familiar with the movie My Neighbor Totoro, I highly recommend you go and watch it.  It’s one of my favorite kid’s movies and while Jackson is too little to watch it right now, we’ve been enjoying reading the story and looking at the fun pictures of Totoro.

Our Shop is Now Open

Our site just got a new look and now, you can shop directly from our website.  All products are available for purchase, here.

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My Little Simplewear Model

11 years later, I finally get to make simplewear onesies for myself and I finally have a full-time, in-house model for my designs.


I still can’t believe that I’m a Mama to this perfect, handsome little boy.


The Made With Love By onesie was Jackson’s first going home outfit from the hospital.


I customized the onesie slightly different by using the ina+tee logo we used for our wedding.


Bumble Bee’s New Sidekick (Click here, for a fun little video on Jackson and Bumble Bee’s first real encounter.)


Hello My Name Is Jackson Danny.  Named after both my Father-in-Law and my Dad.


A little bit Mommy and a little bit Daddy.  Jackson really is, The Perfect Little Mix!


No Mas Pantalones is a new design I just listed in my shop.  I have a feeling this little man will continue to inspire more new simplewear designs for the shop.

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