silhouPETte’s charming display

on a previous blog entry, i shared with you my love of paper and a sneak peak of silhouPETte‘s new updated packaging that i’ve been working on.  today, i’m happy to share with you a few pics jessica, owner of silhouPETte, shared with me of the new complete packaging of their beautiful charm necklaces.


and look at how gorgeous they look in their framed display!


for more info on silhouPETte, or to purchase a charm necklace, visit

paper sampling

as a graphic designer and lover of all things stationery related, you can say i’m a bit of a paper snob.  when i’m given a business card, a brochure or even a restaurant take out menu, my first instinct is to examine the paper, feel the texture, see if any special printing method was applied and sometimes there can even be a distinct good paper smell.  i know, weird, right? but, i can’t help it.

to me, paper for a printed collateral is like the icing on the cake. any special printing methods or embellishments used is the cherry on top.  in other words, very important for the overall presentation.  so with each project where i am a part of the printing process, i like to make sure all options are presented, including every single ivory/off-white stock paper i can get my hands on.  and i mean every single textured, speckled and shade possible.


i then will share a small, labeled sample of each to the client so they can decide which paper suits them and their needs the best.


sometimes it may also help to print a mock up sample of the design on each paper.  this gives the client the best representation of what the final piece will look like.


this is a sneak peak of what the new and improved silhouPETte packaging will include.  A backer card, that each charm necklace will hang off of and placed in those gorgeous foil embossed kraft boxes, previously designed.

looking forward to seeing which paper card stock gets chosen for the final piece!

a friends & family special from silhouPETte

with thanksgiving fast approaching this week, i’ve been busy designing holiday greetings & gifts and fun coupon deals for my clients.  here’s a great deal i’m happy to share from silhouPETte for all the pet lovers on your holiday shopping list!

just for friends and family, take 20% off your online order until November 27th.   just enter code INTHEFAM20 at checkout.

custom bridal shower invite

you may have read a few blog posts ago, about jessica, from Silhoupette.  well turns out she’s also a soon to be bride and her friend christine, from Christine Chang Photography, contacted me to create her bridal shower invitations.  it’s a fun alice in wonderland afternoon tea inspired bridal shower and a very sweet custom illustration was supplied to me to be the main focus of the invitation.

check out this very playful illustration, complete with a hidden mickey mouse and a silhoupette incorporated into the design created especially for jessica and how i applied it onto the invitation.

if you’d like to learn more about the illustration and it’s creator, feel free to get in touch with christine directly.  you can contact her by visiting her website,  i know she’ll be more than happy to share her contact with you.